Optimize Fund Performance &
Firm Profitability

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Set-up, Manage, Reduce, Optimize

ParkLexington advises investment managers, pension funds, mutual funds, insurance companies, charitable trusts, endowments, hedge funds and other institutional investors on setting-up and enhancing service provider engagements.

From initial set-up and spin-out to steady state expense management to transition to alternative providers, we offer buy-side organizations full management and optimization of the service provider life-cycle.

Primary Services

General Expense Management

Fund Expense Management

ParkLexington optimizes fund and firm performance by reducing or eliminating excess expenses, fees, commissions and interest rates commonly charged by financial intermediaries and service providers supporting fund operations. We also ensure you are meeting your fiduciary oversight of expenses.

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Investment Manager Expense Management

Investment Manager Operational Consulting

ParkLexington helps firms and funds set-up operations while sourcing and optimizing service engagements resulting in fully scalable, high service and culturally compatible partnerships that maximize your investment in operations.

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